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1X_X ! ! ! ! ! ! Empty Re: X_X ! ! ! ! ! ! on Sat Apr 03, 2010 1:18 pm


Alright, I'm finally back with a few impressions of the last Top Tunes Maid Show!

It was good to finally see NEW YORK WAVE, but without any subtitles or summary, one couldn't help but feel a little lost; why was Reni playing to business suits? Whatever that was about, it would've worked out a lot better if she really knew the meaning of the words she was memorizing; in other words, if she were more fluent. As much as I wish for her success, I wish for her to be a more effective English communicator.

That first dance team (what were they called?) was really cool! I never followed Michael Jackson as much as the next guy, but when "Jam" came on out of nowhere, it was awesome!

It was good to see Reni again after such a long time, and she looked GREAT as a red MEIDO! The moves for "Song of Devastation" were cool, but how about matching the hat to the dress next time? A red hat for a red outfit, black for black, etc.

At first, I thought the balloons (during DNA?) were a nice touch, but they soon began to detract from the performance at hand.

Rising*Angels could've commanded the stage better, but that'll come with experience. Next time, for sure.

Moemiru!, on the other hand, carried themselves pretty well. My view of their performance wasn't the best, but from what I can recall, Miyuki performed like she's been there before and Sneko did a good job of working the crowd.

MoeMoeJanken was as heated as ever, which made it even crazier that I came out as the victor. Performing a duet with Reni to "Ai: Oboete Imasu ka?" would become one of my favorite Maid Show memories.

(Next time I'm packing a roll of paper towels for easier post-bubble-attack cleanup.)

The MegaCherry segment was awesome! I'd definitely like to see more of this pair!

I had gone through a lot of money during that weekend, so I passed on Maid in NY. Later that night, I realized I should've gone through a little bit more! Some of the shots I saw were awesome.

I was already having a pretty good weekend, so coming home from that much excitement made it pretty difficult to fall asleep. Nevertheless, I'll be looking forward to the next episode of the Maid Show!

2X_X ! ! ! ! ! ! Empty X_X ! ! ! ! ! ! on Mon Mar 22, 2010 11:15 pm


So much to say, so little energy to say it with. I'll return with more words tomorrow, but in short, it was a great show!

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