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Some Ideas for Next Maid Show! (Hopefully useful...)

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I agree!

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Omg Caturday sounds absolutely adorable~!!

I would love to see Moedan do more cutie things~!! Ohhh~~~ With such cute accessories~~ Maid for a day sounds like a idea cute too~~ I would love to see more of Reni's gal fans.

Reni should make a new game for audience~! A spicy game where you will be on your toes!! *0* A game like Moe jankenpon where everyone can play together. A funny game!!

Ann chan your ideas are so lovely~!

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So um, you guys know Reni is planning what to do for the next maid show and all about we help her out a bit!? In the end, since we are part of her audience, if we propose something it might turn out to be useful for the show somehow.

So....well I don't really know much about Maids to be honest, and you'll have to forgive me for writing something up so quickly, but this idea came to my head and I thought it would be cool to share it.

So how about doing a Maid Contest for girls who are Reni's fans? Say once a month, a contest is held among female fans who want to participate and one of them is chosen, and she can be like a moedan maid in one of Renis monthly maid shows, or just for a song at one of the shows or whatever. I dont know but, to me, that would be kind of interesting to watch. And it would make Reni's female fans relate more to her, since they will practically be in Reni's shoes for a day or for a song.

Or...if you want to give it a little twist, you can add a theme to the maid show. can have a "caturday," and then all moedan gets to cosplay as nekos. Or you can have a um "school" "gothic" or "lolita" (or however you spell that) day, so they all get to dress in such a fashion.

I dont know...just some random ideas I came up with in my free time, hope it helps somehow.

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